Surviving S.A.D.


I hope you all are surviving Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). So far, so good on our end. If you are not doing too well, here are some ways to cope with depression. Of course, number 1 is to speak to a licensed therapist. But, if your therapist is not available try one or all of these:

  • Write It Out! Journaling can be a lifesaver. Take the time to express yourself in writing. Keep it to yourself or share it with others, Just get it out!
  • Boost Your Self Image. Put on some clothes or accessories that make you feel good. Go for a walk or exercise. Smile more. Dance a bit. Do the things that help boost your self-esteem.
  •  Stay Connected. When we are feeling blue, we start to withdraw. Don't do that. Stay connected. Continue to communicate with your friends and family. Go for a COVID-safe lunch with someone you care about. Do not isolate yourself. Isolation only makes it darker.
  • Get Your Rest. You have to get plenty of rest...lack of rest definitely affects your mood. Feeling run-down will agitate your symptoms of depression so go to bed early and take a nap if you need to.
  • Workout! Exercise offers physiological benefits that can help with your depression. Physical activity relieves stress and can make you feel and look great (boosting that self-esteem)! If you are not comfortable in the gym, take a walk...with a friend (stay connected). 

Remember, you got this!

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